• European Guide to Support Employers

    Remote work in Europe - 06/2024

    Andersen's Employment and Labor Law Service line is thrilled to present their new edition of their European Guide to Support Employers, focused on Remote work in Europe. 

    Our guide sheds light on the current legal frameworks across 33 European countries, helping you develop effective remote work strategies tailored to your organization. Whether you’re still weighing the pros and cons or already embracing remote work, this resource is invaluable.


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  • European Employment Insights

    Edition 06/2024

    We are delighted to introduce the June edition of the European Employment Insights newsletter! 

    This edition offers in-depth updates on employment legislation, regulations, case studies, and collective agreements across 22 European countries. It’s a valuable resource providing insights into recent legal developments, strategies for navigating complex legal issues, and updates on significant cases.

    Check out the complete newsletter to stay informed and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of European employment law.

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