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  • Universities of Bonn, Marburg, Lausanne and Munich
  • Languages: German, English


Clemens Scholz-Remes

Attorney (Germany), Civil Notary
Of Counsel – Berlin

After completing his studies in Bonn, Marburg, Lausanne and Munich and his legal traineeship in Berlin, Clemens Scholz-Remes was admitted to the bar in Berlin in 1990 and was appointed notary in 2000. From 1994, Clemens Scholz-Remes was a partner of Luther & Partner, then of Andersen Luther and from 2002 to 2023 of GÖRG Rechtsanwälte.

Clemens Scholz-Remes' legal practice concentrates on corporate law, M & A and inheritance law. Clemens Scholz-Remes' notary office is primarily focused on corporate law, transactions and real estate law.